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"This past Fall we undertook a major remodel of our 1960's ranch home. After living here for 10 years we decided it was overdue for new windows, a new furnace, and new plumbing. These ideas inspired other ideas and the plan grew to eventually include adding a living room addition, moving the kitchen, a new roof, new siding, a large front porch, new cabinets and countertops of course, new trim, exterior and interior doors, sheetrock, paint ... basically constructing a new home from the shell of the old. All of that and we intended to live in our home with two large dogs wile the construction took place. While this is not an undertaking for everyone, we thought we could get through it with a little sweat equity, help from a friend with HVAC expertise, and a good contractor. We needed to find a contractor that could do the majority of the work and handle the subcontracting needed. We used the Chippewa Valley Home Builders Association website to find contractors we thought could manage the remodel. We contacted three of them, met with each, and solicited bids. This process can be a bit daunting, however, our first meeting with Dennis Pawlak of Pawlak Construction gave us confidence that we really could do this. First impressions are important, right? Our first impressions of Dennis was that he was friendly, professional, and forthright. He showed us photos and provided information about past projects. He quickly understood what our goal was, gave us some ideas, and promptly returned a detailed bid. Sold! We proceeded with the construction doing some of the demolition work ourselves. Dennis let us know what each step of the project would entail and a schedule that let us know when we should remove siding, remove cabinets and countertops and pull up the flooring. Every part of the project from the excavation to the concrete foundation, electrical, plumbing, roofing, siding, painting, floors, and more was managed by Dennis working with a great group of subcontractors. Dennis has a good relationship with a number of dedicated, disciplined subcontractors. We were never disappointed by any of the work they did. A lot of them like dogs! They also, without exception, left the workplace clean at the end of the work day. This is something that Dennis insists on for himself and is an example that is followed by the subcontractors. The weather during this project was very, very cold for long periods of time. However, due to project organization and Dennis's fortitude, we never saw any undue delays. In fact, the entire remodel finished a few weeks ahead if schedule. We are very happy with the result. The new kitchen, dining room, and living room are wonderful spaces with nice touches. The exterior appearance is exceptional. The workmanship and attention to detail by Dennis, provided us with a home we are pleased to share with family and friends. Thanks Dennis! We highly recommend Pawlak Construction to anyone who is thinking of a remodel for their home."

CJM Remodel

"Dennis Pawlak, of Pawlak Construction, remodeled a bathroom for us, making it an accessible and usable room for my mother. The remodel included replacing the existing toilet with on of more appropriate height; widening the doorway; replacing the existing flooring with nonslip flooring; adding a linen closet; and finishing all the accompanying electrical, drywall, paint, and trim work.

Dennis made useful recommendations both at the beginning of the project, suggesting changes that will make the room far easier for my mother to use (changes we wouldn't have thought of), and during the project, suggesting a creative solution to a layout problem that couldn't be seen until the original wallboard was removed. The work is very well done, and the worksite was neat and well managed. Dennis finished the job speedily - in fact, he pushed hard to finish ahead of schedule - and within the promised budget.

Throughout, Dennis was pleasant and easy to work with. We would recommend him unreservedly, and would certainly call him again if we needed more work done."

Kathy Delfosse

Chippewa Falls, WI

"We're very pleased with our family room remodel. Working with Dennis was a positive experience from start to finish. We found him to be honest, trustworthy, timely, and accessible and his attention to detail was commendable. We are very satisfied and recommend him to others looking to build or remodel."

Angie and Darin McFadden

"Tom and I hired Dennis to remodel our existing Master Bedroom, Master Bedroom Closet and Master Bath in 2008. It was a spur of the moment decision on our part to have this job done and we were very pleased that Dennis worked with us on the scheduling and was able to start almost immediately. He was very conscientious, timely, and thorough with this remodel making sure that everything was taken care of before either Tom or I had to think about it. We were very happy with the workmanship and the final product and would hire Dennis again and advise any of our friends to use his expertise as well."

Maureen Kruse

Eau Claire, WI

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